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Rasul Guliyev’s Rights Defense Committee’s Statement

Former speaker Rasul Guliyev became an unwanted person by executive branch the government, was exposed to unlawful pressure and persecution and was forced to emigrate from the country and live in exile in the USA because of his demands to end kleptocratic regime that head of government of the time H.Aliyev had established, passing considerable […]

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Raise Your Voice in Defense of Your Rights and Decency

There are many historical examples when the international community directly contributed to creating a democracy in a country. A vivid example is the Marshall Plan, which encouraged the establishment of democratic regimes in Western Europe and Japan. This example is especially apt and effective because economic assistance was directly linked to political transformations. However, one […]

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The Problem Lies With The Regimes That Drive Their Own People Into Misery

I agree with Winston Churchill, who long before the Soviet Empire came to its shameful end, had said tersely and precisely: “The day will come when it will be recognized without doubt through the civilized world that the strangling of Bolshevism at birth would have been an untold blessing to the human race.” This is […]

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A Mechanism For Suppressing The Most Elementary Thinking

The post-Soviet dictators have preserved their Bolshevik essence, and their democratic facade can fool only the most gullible and forgetful person. Yet, regretfully, such gullibility and forgetfulness are characteristic not only of common folks, removed from political intrigue, but – in no lesser degree – of certain politicians. One gets the impression that today, as the global […]

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Menacing Power

A state based on democratic traditions and principles is a natural environment. One can take for granted an opportunity to express freely and realize wishes, and reflect on such a great benefit and achievement of human civilization as an opportunity to live and work in a democratic open society. For seventy-four years, the Soviet Empire […]

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Rasul Guliyev’s Political Meetings in Washington, DC – March 20 to March 30, 2012

          Rasul Guliyev was in Washington, DC from March 20 to March 30, 2012 for meetings with Members of Congress, think tanks, the State Department, and the Broadcasting Board of Governors/Voice of America.  He participated in more than two dozen meetings during his productive stay in the United States Capital, and […]

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Rasul Guliyev Draws Comparisons Between Regimes of Aliyev and Ben Ali

“The Arab Spring” in Azerbaijan: Similarities and Differences   Article 2: Tunisia and Azerbaijan In countries with totalitarian regimes, revolutions often happen suddenly, when the ruling power is weakened by overconfidence. The spark that ignited the Arab Spring, not only in the Arabic countries, but also in Africa, came from Tunisia: a dark horse no […]

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Rasul Guliyev Accuses Azerbaijan Government of Pilfering Billions

“The Arab Spring” in Azerbaijan: Similarities and Differences Article 3: Libya and Azerbaijan Libya – a country drowning in the blood of the revolution – shares two obvious features with Azerbaijan: oil and dictatorship. Aside from these similarities, the differences between the two countries are vast. And yet no amount of differences can support the […]

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“Arab Spring” Leading to “Eurasian Winter”

“The world should rush if it doesn’t want to face more tragic than “Arab Spring” “Eurasian Winter”   Ex-Speaker of Parliament and Leader of Open Society Party held meetings in the US capital Washington with international organizations promoting democracy in the world  Party leader shared with “Qafqazinfo” information, according to which during the Washington trip […]

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